How To Work Your Legs

The quads, or the quadriceps femoris muscles, are the four muscles that make up the front of the thighs. The quadriceps consist of the rectus femoris, which covers the other three muscles that make up the quadriceps; the vastus medialis, on the inside part of the thigh; the vastus intermedius, on the front of the thigh; and the vastus laterus, on the outside part of the thigh. No matter which quad muscle you injure, you may experience an extreme amount of pain. It can take weeks or even months to completely recover from a quad injury, but complete rehabilitation is possible, especially after a minor strain or sprain.

Quadriceps femoris muscles – 3D anatomy tutorial

The animations in this video were made using Visible Body – Muscle Premium 2 and Visible Body 3D Human Anatomy Atlas. For more information on their products …

How to REALLLLY Stretch Your Quads (Best Static Quad Stretch!)

Eat, Stretch and Train like an Athlete (Step by Step Program) Quad workouts are mandatory for those looking to buil…

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